Our Mission

Educate and empower users with connections and savings.

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Our Story

Freeferral believes that you shouldn't need to know tons of people to save tons of money. Referral programs, also known as "refer-a-friend" programs, are among the most lucrative programs available. However, they're also among the most difficult to discover and redeem.
Our website began as a simple wireframe, which depicts the visual layout of a site, that provided a means to explore how technology could help facilitate that discovery and redemption process. Over the next several years, the site grew into a large-scale crowd-sourced platform.
The public beta launch is a major milestone for our early-stage startup. We're excited about how far we've come and where we're going. And, we remain grateful for all the users joining us on this journey to help educate and empower all consumers.

Our Journey

Madison Capitol
Madison, WI

SquareDesign Begins

A referral program posted on an apartment building announcement board inspired a new idea. Design begins immediately and slowly coalesces into a wireframe.
Richmond skyline
Richmond, VA

CircleDevelopment Begins

Development on the site begins with a single engineer working on nights and weekends.
Pittsburgh downtown
Pittsburgh, PA

TriangleBeta Launches

After nearly four years of development, the site is ready for users and the public beta launches.

Our Team

Logan Gants image

Logan Gants

Founder & CEO
Logan received a BA from the University of Wisconsin in 2012 and an MBA from the University of North Carolina in 2016 with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Most recently, Logan worked at Capital One as a Principal Software Engineer.
Felicity Andorsky image

Felicity Andorsky

Pawject Management Intern
Felicity is a six-year-old hound rescue originally from Texas. In her spare time, she enjoys head scratches, visiting dog parks, homemade charcuterie boards, and barking at delivery trucks.